Home health aide jobs require personal care for patients suffering with a variety of health issues. There will be different kinds of physical and mental impairments. People suffering from such impairments need special care which can be fulfilled through a home health aide.

A typical working day of a home health aide depend upon the condition of the patient and severity of the disease. As a home health aide, you should want to take care of the bathing, eating and moving to bathroom activities.  The health aide will want to travel with the patient when there are appointments with the doctor. The health aid might attend all the jobs which cannot be handled by the patient independently. Hence, a great deal of compassion, patience and integrity are required by the aide. Home Health Aide Jobs should want to monitor the vital signs and should help in performing various kinds of medical tasks. He or she should assist in taking medications as well.

Home Health Aide JobsEducation and training

It is possible to undergo the training for home health aide jobs without having any college degree or high school diploma. In some cases, the aids will be trained by nurses on ‘on the job’ basis. Some certifications available in this context include LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).

If a home health aide works for an agency funded by Medicare or Medicaid, minimum training standards should be met. A minimum of 75 hours of training should be imparted and the candidate should fulfill at least 16 hours of practical work carried out under a supervisor. The relevant competency evaluation should be passed. In some cases additional training will be required. You should go through the guidelines which vary from one State to another State.

Plus points of home health aide job

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Home Health Aide Jobs have excellent job growth prospects. The prospects are more than 50%, which is higher than most of the other jobs. If you have great passion to help ill people or people living in isolation, you can certainly choose the home health aide job.

Minus points of home health aide job

There will be very limited progression as a career. The pay is not high as compared to other kinds of medical jobs as no special skills are required to perform the job.